We love being engaged with making things. Solving problems through design, finding ways of making it happen in the real world, or just expressing ideas through objects of purpose – making gets us excited, and sharing this excitement with the community gives us joy. This is what makerspark is about.

We represent two initiatives rolled into one. The first is maker SPARK, where our intention is to expose children to the world of making, and learn from their vivid and uninhibited imagination. And hopefully, spark off a lifetime worth of cognisance, and creativity.

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The other is maker's PARK, which is about taking the joys of making to adults through workshops, and sooner or later, our own maker's space. Ultimately, it is about offering make-minded individuals to come together and create as a community.

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“ Simple, resourceful, innovation... And of course a whole lot of fun! that was the key message at the Children's Day workshop Makerspark conducted at our venue. A great initiative, taken up by awesome people! Two thumbs up.”
Nikita (Lost the Plot)

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